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Now that we're friends, I'll let you in on five facts that make me, ME.

1. I'm a Christian -- raised Baptist -- and find such peace & joy in continually seeking to grow my relationship with Jesus. 

2. I am married to my best friend, Tyler. We have been together for 7 years, married for almost 4 years!!! I met him at church [ the best way to meet a guy if you ask me ;-) ] and we have a daughter. She's our WHOLE WORLD. cannot imagine life without her! 



3. I'm obsessed with romantic comedies & hallmark movies -- yes, I'm THAT girl. There ain't nothin but love can't fix <3 

4. Target runs are a necessity.. Even when I'm supposed to be getting just one thing like toilet paper or toothpaste I always leave the store with many things I might not really need.

5. I'm a lover of homemade tacos (or any kind of tacos, lets be real). I eat, breathe, sleep tacos.. haha JK! But really, let's go grab some margarita's and some tacos -- I'd LOVE to meet YOU! 

my vision

People, stories, love, beauty, memories: all things that mean the most to me. Everyone has a story, and everyone tells theirs differently. My heart longs to capture love in a single shutter, and to capture a memory that will last in one single image, for generations to come. I will capture those most precious moments that are so rare, and so beautiful.

I’m not a photographer because it’s just a job I needed. I’m not a photographer just so I can take pictures of people here and there, deliver the images, and never speak to them again. I’m not a photographer so I can take awkward prom pose types of photographs.

I AM a photographer to capture stories. I am a photographer to build relationships, communities, and lifelong friendships. I am a photographer for the crazy in love that aren’t afraid to get their clothes a little dirty. I am a photographer to capture you and your boo that aren’t afraid to show me allll the PDA. I am a photographer to capture the real, uncontrollable laughter that he/she brings out in you. I am a photographer to capture love and the beautiful love that a couple shares. I am a photographer to capture meaning in memories, and ones that will last a lifetime.


I believe in capturing every detail, but then there comes a point when details no longer matter. It's just you two. You two are what I have my eye on. The tears that stream down your cheeks. The messy laughter that gives you a second chin.

we're gonna be a



The passionate kisses that you wouldn't dare do in front of your family. The tight hugs. The memories. That’s why I pour my heart into capturing every portion of your special day. So you can hold onto those moments and memories forever.